Don Drummond - Rain Or Shine Take 2 / Rain Or Shine Take 3 (Studio One - 7" Vinyl)

by Dub Store Records


Recorded at the height of their phenomenal career as the number one Ska band, these are never-released alternative takes of the ultimate instrumental Ska tune ‘Rain Or Shine’ by the Skatalites and with respect, it should be called a product of miracle. Both are taken from the master tape.

Recorded on the same session as ‘Last Call’ that Don Drummond was in chargeof, here we have two alternative takes of a seriously killer instrumental Ska which was featured as the introduction of the iconic Ska album “Ska Authentic Volume 2” Like ‘Freedom Sounds’ and other recordings made in the same period, the excavation and release of these tunes are much more important for Dub Store Records than the discovery of Egyptian pyramids! This is one extremely important and precious piece to complete the puzzle of the mystery of the late genius, Don Drummond and magnificent tunes for deep diggers of Reggae music.

What a great Skatalites band! What makes even cooler about this tune is that if you listen carefully both sides, you will realize that each player is not playing a score at all; they are all improvising. It proves that they are undoubtedly the best Jamaican band of all time.


Dub Store Records is the Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae and Dancehall reissue label run by the eponymous Tokyo based record store. The label aims at accurately covering the 50-plus years of Jamaican music, and pass on many rare and magnificent recordings, which are non-commercial and highly artistic. Carefully handing down the tradition of reggae music, Dub Store Records has so far issued recordings from labels and artists such as Studio One, Federal Records (Federal, Kentone, Merritone), Jammys, Bunny Wailer's Solomonic, Derrick Harriott, Kiddus I, Redman International, King Tubby’s Firehouse, Fam's, BMN and much more to come.

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released October 21, 2014